FIFA World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022: Buy Football Tickets At The Cheapest

Get ready! Once again, the biggest sports event is back with all its charm and excitement. Yes, I am talking about the FIFA World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022. While, on the one hand, this game breaks off the boundaries among the countries. On the other hand, people would do anything to make their favorite country win. How exciting would it be if you could support your country on the playground?

It already gives you goosebumps. Right? Then why wait? Book your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets today from the given links inside the article. The ticket price ranges from $105 to $1100, depending on the matches. Where to buy the FIFA World Cup tickets? Check out the following article for more details.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Tickets Price

The question of how much FIFA World Cup tickets cost comes to an end today. A few football experts have come forward and published an estimated price range for the FIFA world cup tickets. Are you also excited to unveil the pricing? Let’s not kill any more seconds and jump into the price chart.

Are you also excited to unveil the pricing? Let’s not kill any more seconds and jump into the price chart.

Prices In USD Price In
Match CAT 1CAT 2CAT 3CAT 4
OPENING MATCH 600-650400- 450240 – 290N/A
GROUP MATCHES 230 – 280180 – 230120 – 170N/A
ROUND OF 16 250 – 300200 – 250140 – 190N/A
QUARTER FINAL400 – 450280 – 330190 – 240N/A
SEMI-FINAL MATCH840 – 890500 – 550300 – 350N/A
3rd/4th PLACE MATCH390 – 440280 – 330190 – 220N/A
FINAL MATCH1200 – 1300700 – 800450 – 500N/A

N.B. These are the expected World Cup Ticket Prices 2022. The FIFA committee hasn’t yet revealed the prices of FIFA World Cup tickets. I hope our assumptions come closer to the exact ticket price.

Now, if you are a football fan, even a seasonal one, you know the FIFA World Cup Tickets prices depend on the match and the seat arrangements. Generally, the seats fall into 4 different groups. Such as,

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Tickets Price

  1. Category 1 (CAT 1): These are the best possible seats available in the stadium.
    Some might call these television seats as they are near the press box. So, there
    is no doubt why these tickets cost more than the others.
  2. Category 2 (CAT 2): All the seats in the 4 corners fall under this division. These
    are the second-best seats you will get.
  3. Category 3 (CAT 3): These seats are behind the two goalposts. I know the view
    is not wowish from these locations. You should count yourself fortunate if you
    even manage to get these tickets for the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022.
  4. Category 4 (CAT 4): Seats, right on top of the goalposts, fall in this section.
    These tickets are only available for the citizens of the host country. I have left the
    prices blank as no international traveler can buy them.
    World Cup 2022 Tickets Price UK

I am sure the England fans are excited to support their team in the field. If you are one of them, do not wait any longer to book your FIFA 2022 tickets. Go to the official website of FIFA and purchase your tickets today! Here is the estimated price range for the upcoming FIFA world cup tickets

Prices In Pounds (UK) Price In QAR
OPENING MATCH452-490 301-339 218-180N/A
GROUP MATCHES173 – 211135 – 17390 – 67N/A
ROUND OF 16188 – 226150 – 188105 – 143N/A
QUARTER FINAL301 – 339211 – 248143 – 180N/A
633 – 671 377- 414226 – 263N/A
3rd/4th PLACE
294 – 331211 – 248143 – 165N/A
FINAL MATCH904 – 980527 – 603339 – 377N/A

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets Price In India

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India is famous for cricket and hockey. But you can not underestimate their craze for football. Each world cup season, Indians travel a thousand miles to support their favorite teams in the field. I bet this season will be no different. Why would Indians miss the chance of Buying 2022 World Cup Tickets? After all, the event is near their home. Here is how much you have to pay for FIFA World Cup tickets in Indian Rupee

Prices In Indian Rupees Price In QAR
Match CAT 1 CAT 2CAT 3CAT 4
13622 –
9081 –
ROUND OF 1618920-
15136 –
10595 –
14379 –
63571 –
22704 –
3rd/4th PLACE
21190 –
14379 –
34056 –

World Cup 2022 Tickets Packages

The football season has already started in Qatar. The organizers are offering group packages, which will surely blow your mind. Again, the tour agencies are not stepping back. They have already launched their
package price, and trust me. You are going to love your stay in Qatar. The core hospitality package starts from $950 for a group and goes up to $20000 for luxury venues. Here is a chart for your convenience,

QATAR 2022
Group stageNov 20 to 27 or
Nov 27to Dec 4
Millennium Plaza
Group stageNov 20 to Nov 27
or Nov 27 to Dec 4
Dusit Doha$10,775
Group stageNov 20 to 27 or
Nov 27 to Dec 4
St. Regis Doha$13,950
Group stageNov 20 to 27 or
Nov 27 to Dec 4
Ritz-Carlton, Doha$15,120
Rounds of 16 and
quarter finals
Dec 4 to 11Millennium Plaza
Rounds of 16Dec 4 to 11St. Regis Doha$13,720
Quarter Finals
Rounds of 16 and
quarter finals
Dec 4 – 11St. Regis Doha$13,720
Your teamNov 20 to Dec 2Millennium Plaza
Your teamNov 20 to Dec 2Dusit Doha$19,385
Your teamNov 20 to Dec 2Ritz-Carlton, Doha$24,450
Your teamNov 20 to Dec 2Ritz-Carlton, Doha$26,760
World cup final
Dec 11 to Dec 19Millennium Plaza
World cup final
Dec 11 to Dec 19Dusit Doha$18,920
World cup final
Dec 11 to Dec 19St. Regis Doha$23,195
World cup final
Dec 11 to Dec 19Ritz-Carlton, Doha $24,360

The organizers have also launched two exclusive hospitality packages, the Venue, and the Amazing series. The venue series start from $10,750 and might cost you as much as $74,200. The elite class package, Amazing series, is already sold out. You can also try out the local agency hospitality World Cup 2022 packages from USA. The price is slightly higher than the above one. If you want, they will arrange your whole tour from destination zero.

FIFA World Cup Tickets 2018 Russia

The last football world cup was indeed an exciting and breathtaking one. Russia, the host country, grabbed every bit of chance to make the celebration mind-blowing and memorable. Here is a flashback of 2018 world cup ticket prices,

Prices In USD
OPENING MATCH550 390 220 50
GROUP MATCHES 210 165 105 20
ROUND OF 16 245 185 115 35
QUARTER FINAL 365 255 175 60
SEMI-FINAL MATCH750 480 285 70
3rd / 4th PLACE MATCH365 255175 60
FINAL MATCH 1100 710 455 110

When Do World Cup Tickets Go On Sale?

Generally, the FIFA World cup tickets go on sale 9/10 months before the opening matches. According to the rules, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets will be available from late January or early February.
The core FIFA committee hasn’t yet confirmed any World Cup 2022 tickets release date. Fans from all over the world are waiting for the golden moment. Do not forget to keep an eye on the official FIFA page to receive any updates on the tickets.

Will Fans Be Allowed At World Cup 2022?

Of course, the organizers will allow fans at the stadium. Even though the Tickets are not yet released, the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, has assured that the stadiums will be jam-packed during the season.
Most of us are concerned about the pandemic. However, if the host county allows visitors, it will surely follow all the safety measures.

Another possibility is that the organizers will allow limited attendance considering the public health concern. The Qatar stadiums can accommodate 40,000 fans. But in pandemic situations, they might permit 12000 spectators to maintain social distancing.

How To Buy FIFA World Cup Tickets

You already know the World Cup 2022 Tickets Price. But how to buy them? And what documents will you need? Millions of people visit the hosting country to watch the sports show and support their favorite team. Fans, not only from all over the world, stay alert when the tickets go on sale. What if the FIFA organizers allow spectators to buy as many tickets as they want? It will be unfair to the football fan community. Hence, the team has come up with an excellent ticket distribution technique.
Generally, the organizers sell the tickets in multiple phases. Such as,

● Phase 1: It is a random lottery, and the playing teams are unknown.

● Phase 2: The sale technique follows the first-come, first-serve rule.
● Phase 3: It is a random lottery.
● Phase 4/ The final phase: First come, first serve.

Here is how you can book your tickets?

● First, gather all your personal information. Also, make a draft of the matches you
would like to join. Don’t you know the match schedule yet? I will attach one in the
following subsection.
● Next, go through the world cup ticket prices 2022 and recheck your payment
card to ensure that it has enough balance. CAT 1 seats will serve you better if
you want an excellent view.
● Sign in to your FIFA account. If you do not have one, create with your valid
information. It takes less than a minute.
● Once you open your account, you are one step closer to your dream tickets.
Now, enter your personal information, and select the matches you would like to
watch. The general rule is, one person can book one game per day. Submit the
form attaching an authentic payment gateway and wait for the confirmation email

from FIFA. The organizers will mail you whether or not you get the tickets for
phase 1.
● Next, you have to apply for the phase 2 sale selection. You will get confirmation
mail if you get the tickets. The process continues for the phase 3 sale too.
● You have to present in person to avail the phase 4 or last-minute sales. The
organizers sell these tickets in the stadium counters.
Other category tickets are available too, for example, series tickets and venue tickets.
Apply for a series ticket only if you are willing to follow a specific team throughout the
world cup season. The organizers will provide you with all the match tickets that include
your favorite country.

What if your team is knocked out? Do not worry. You can watch the qualifying team playing for the rest of the season.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Match Schedule

The group matches will start on November 21 and end on December 2. The qualified teams with the maximum points will move to the round of 16.

Round oF 16

Winner Group A vs
Runner-up Group B
3 DecemberKhalifa International
Winner Group C vs
Runner-up Group D
3 DecemberAl-Rayyan Stadium
Winner Group B vs
Runner-up Group A
4 DecemberAl-Bayt Stadium
Winner Group D vs
Runner-up Group C
4 DecemberAl-Thumama Stadium
Winner Group E vs
Runner-up Group F
5 DecemberAl-Janoub Stadium
Winner Group G vs
Runner-up Group H
5 DecemberRas Abu Aboud Stadium.
Winner Group F vs
Runner-up Group E
6 December Education City Stadium
Winner Group H vs
Runner-up Group G
6 December Lusail Iconic Stadium

Quarter Finals

Team Date Venue
Winner Match 49 vs
Winner Match 50
9 DecemberLusail Iconic Stadium
Winner Match 53 vs
Winner Match 54
9 DecemberEducation City Stadium
Winner Match 51 vs
Winner Match 52
10 December Al-Bayt Stadium
Winner Match 55 vs
Winner Match 56
10 DecemberAl-Thumama Stadium

Semi Finals

Team Date Venue
Winner Match 57 vs
Winner Match 58
13 DecemberLusail Iconic Stadium
Winner Match 59 vs
Winner Match 60
14 DecemberAl-Bayt Stadium

3rd or 4th Place Match

Team Date Venue
Loser Match 61 vs Loser
Match 62
17 DecemberKhalifa International


Team Date Venue
Winner Match 61 vs
Winner Match 62
18 DecemberNot Known Yet

Which Teams Are Playing In FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar?

32 teams will be playing in the upcoming FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar. Among them, 13
countries have already cleared their way, and they are waiting to show the world their
magic. Those qualified teams are,
● Qatar
● Germany
● Denmark
● Brazil
● France
● Belgium
● Croatia
● Spain
● Serbia
● England
● Switzerland
● Netherland
● Argentina
How Many Tickets Can One Person Purchase?
One person can purchase 7 FIFA world cup tickets as per the general rule. The
matches should be on different dates. However, the rules can change. Qatar world cup
2022 authority hasn’t confirmed any update regarding this issue.

Can I Buy World Cup Tickets On Resale Websites?

The football committee didn’t allow the buyers to sell their tickets in previous years.
Recently, the organizers allow the users to re-list the purchased tickets if they can not
attend the matches. But yes, the user has to pay a 10% fee on reselling the tickets.
If you are thinking about buying tickets from unauthorized resale websites, consider
your decision again. The FIFA authority discourages the fans from buying tickets from
the black market.
I know you might go unnoticed and enjoy your favorite team playing in the field. But
there are stories of arrest and punishment for black market ticket purchases in the
previous years.

Who Is Broadcasting The 2022 World Cup?

Do not lose hope if you can not attend the world cup 2022 Qatar in person. Watching
the matches live on TV with your friends and family is equally exciting. FOX Sports
(English-language) and Telemundo (Spanish-language) channels have recently got
permission to live telecasting the show on an international level.
You can, of course, enjoy the game on many other live streaming channels. For
Sling TV
HULU + Live TV
The broadcasters vary from country to country. Here is a list of FIFA world cup 2022
broadcasting channels that might help you.

What Venues Will Be Used In Qatar?
Qatar is using 5 host cities and 8 mind-blowing stadiums for World Cup 2022, among
which 4 of them are around Doha. The venue stadiums are,
Lusails Stadium
Al Bayt Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium
Stadium 974
Education City Stadium
Al Thumama Football Stadium
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium
Al Wakrah Sports Complex
Luxurious Hotels To Live In Qatar
If you plan to attend the FIFA world cup 2022, you must book a hotel before the date.
Otherwise, you might struggle to get a room anywhere. Remember, millions of fans from
all over the world will fly to Qatar to support their teams.
Now, what if you book a room and get the sightseeing for free? Exciting. Right? Here
are the top 5 attractive and luxurious hotels of Qatar,

  1. Qetaifan Island North: It is situated near Lusail City and is tagged as the
    entertainment island of Qatar.
  2. Katara Towers: This tower is near the Lusail Marina district and an absolute
    architectural addition to the development of Qatar.
  3. Rosewood: Do you want to stay in central Doha? If yes, then you must check out
    hotel Rosewood. The luxury hotel offers international service to the guests.
  4. The St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island The Pearl-Qatar: Who doesn’t want to taste
    the rich heritage of a new country? If you want to add adventure to your stay in
    Qatar, do not forget to visit The St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl-Qatar.
  5. West Walk Al Waab: It might not be a 5-star hotel, but you will get every facility
    for your comfort.

Can You Live In A Tent?

Qatar is expecting around 500,000 fans from all over the world in the upcoming football
season. The management has decided to house the fans in tents in the desert areas
near venues.
The effort of hospitality and friendship the Arabs are showcasing is indeed appreciable.
Fans who will fail to get a last-minute booking or can not afford the luxurious hotels of
Qatar can now stay in tents.

NFL Games Today – Schedule & Price
The NFL playoffs will start on the 15th of January 2022 and continue to Feb 13.
I am sure everyone is excited about the super bowl LVI and this season is going to be a
memorable one. If you want to enjoy the game sitting in a stadium, you have to spend a
minimum of $150. The price can go up depending on the match. The hospitality
packages cost about $17500 or more.

NBA Games Today – Schedule & Price
The NBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary throughout the 2021 – 2022 season.
Starting from October 19, 2021, the seasonal game will end on April 10, 2022.
Fans are going crazy and joining the celebration wholeheartedly. The ticket price for
NBA 75th anniversary season 2021 – 2022 ranges from $75 to $1200.

Final Thoughts

Football has the craziest fan base in the world. Around 3.5 billion people claim
themselves to be die-hard football fans. The FIFA world cup comes once every 4 years
and leaves a lifetime memory to rejoice.
I am sure no one will miss a chance to attend the world cup venue if they get a chance.
Keep your eyes open for FIFA world cup tickets, book for your desired matches, and
support your favorite team in the field.

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